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Kim Kardashian's
Wedding Spree

Is anyone surprised that Kim Kardashian is registering the most lavish of all china and home decor for her wedding registery? We knew they wouldn’t register at just any ordinary department store but Geary’s and Hermes? That’s a hefty price tag for items! Well, we guess when she’s sporting a $2 million ring, it just goes with the territory.

Kim was out and about with her fiance, Kris Humphries, and mom, Kris Jenner, this weekend registering for her upcoming nuptials that are being forcasted to take place this summer. Some things on their Gearys registry list? Hermes tea cup and saucer for $225 , a Lalique tourbillon black vase for a whopping $6,500 (as well as another one for $4,625 because one is never enough!), and an Hermes cereal bowl for $155. The most expensive item on the list is a Baccarat Cosmos Extra Large vase that retails for $7,850.

With a registry like that, we can’t wait to see the wedding!

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