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Admit it! You might have Kardashian overload but you totally tuned in last night to watch the season 2 premiere of Kourtney & Kim Take New York on E! It was an action packed hour filled with moments that made us go, OMG! And it wasn’t because we were looking for tell-tale signs that Kim and Kris’s marriage was gonna go kaput just 8 weeks later. There was also a whole lot of drama involving a different sister that we definitely didn’t expect.

Here’s our top #3 Kraziest Kourtney moments from last night’s episode.

#3: Kourtney is leading holistic lifestyle. Since she got pregnant with Mason, Kourtney doesn’t want to put any chemicals in her body which means she only eats organic foods. Good for her! What we didn’t anticipate was the overall impact this would have on the rest of her lifestyle. No, we’re not talking about the Kale chips she wants the whole family to eat. We’ve got two words for you: Oil Enema. Kourtney invites Kim along for a relaxing spa day, but ends up getting an enema. Moments later, we see Kourtney sitting on Kim’s bed but when she gets up, its becomes evident by the spot on the bed that some oil has leaked out! Eek! We would’ve thought a hot stone massage or facial would’ve been more enjoyable!

#2: Kourtney likes Yoga! We know, that’s not so shocking given the above – except when your yoga instructor is NAKED! Kourt invites a couple of gal pals over for a yoga class at the apt, but when the instructor gets buck naked and strikes a full downward dog pose, we almost can’t believe our eyes. Although Kim stays fully clothed, some of the other ladies strip down to their undergarments. Kris comes home to find the naked Yogi session in his apt – and goes nuts. It’s the final straw that sends the ball player back to Minnesota.

#1: Kourtney and Scott sleep in separate bedrooms!
Kourtney revealed that she shares a bedroom with their 2 year old Mason, while baby-daddy Scott sleeps in a completely different room. What’s that all about! The last time these two filmed in NYC, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other! My, how things have changed! Kris Humphries thinks it’s all pretty strange, and we have to agree!

Scott Disick explained the reasoning on Twitter, writing:
“I just want to clear up the reason we don’t sleep in bed together. I’m not a good sleeper and with mason in bed I can’t fall asleep!”

One thing is clear in this episode, these two lovebirds are getting on each others nerves. They bicker so much that Scott turned to good friend, Jonathan Cheban, for relationship advice. Scott eventually packs up his stuff to get some peace elsewhere (of course, we know this is temporary).

So while so much focus has been made around the demise of Kim and Kris’s 72 day marriage — we now have some concerns for a different couple: Kourtney and Scott. These two have been together for four or five years (even Kourtney can’t remember) and it definitely looks like they need to find a way to put the spark back into their relationship!

What do you think? Are these two on the road to splitsville?

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