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#KKTNY: Kris Humphries
is Home Alone…and Partying!

If you’ve been looking for any signs as to why Kim Kardashian and Kris Humprhies marriage went bust after only 72 days, Sunday night’s episode of Kim and Kourtney Take New York definitely had a big one.

Mainly, Kris Humphries is still stuck in high school.

The episode focused on whether or not the 26 year old NBA star could have some friends over to their lavish NYC Penthouse Suite at the Gansevoort hotel while Kim & Kourt were out of town. Something both girls explicitly told Scott and Kris that they didn’t want while they were traveling.

But remember what happened back in high school when someone’s parents went out of town for a few days? For K-Hump, not much has changed.

With the girls headed to LA, the ball player didn’t waste any time bringing in the keg, some red plastic cups, and inviting some friends over to play drinking games.

The problem is, just like it happened back in high school, Kris’s parent-free gathering quickly turned into a full blown house party. People he didn’t know were everywhere, making a mess, even using 2 year old Mason’s sippy cup for beer.

Like any good older brother, Scott Disick offered to bring the party under control by kicking everyone out. But Kris insisted he was old enough to handle it — and everything would be okay — as long as Scott didn’t tell the girls anything.

The next day mom, Kim came home, and Kris did his best to keep the party a secret. But let’s be real, any high school senior could have predicted how this story ends.

Photos of the night made their way onto the internet and both Kardashian sisters quickly discovered someone had a party at the house when they were told not to.

Look out, mom’s mad now!

While Scott tried to take the blame for Humphries (bro-code and all), the former Nets star came clean and admitted it was his shindig and he would never do it again — at least not until prom.

So what did Kim and Kourtney see online that got them so mad? Last week on Twitter, evidence of some groupies partying it up at in Kim’s hotel suite emerged.

Under the twitter handle, @shellmerci, comments like “omgggg crazy night last night” along with a video of girls partying were posted.

That, along with pics of two girls posing on Kim and Kris’s bed (“on kims bed!”), peaking in their closets (“kim and kris’s closet!! ohhh my god!!!”).

And best of all, a photo captioned “hahahahhahah,” followed by a picture of the girls holding a monogrammed towel with the initials “KH” on it was posted.

Do you think Hump’s high school party, complete with groupies, had anything to do with the couple’s marriage woes? Or was the party no big deal? Sound off!

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