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Kristen Finally Admits
Her & RPatz Relationship?

Kristen Stewart graced the cover of GQ British magazine this month and she dished a little bit about her relationship. Not that we didn’t already know her and Rob Pattinson were together! “My boyfriend is English,” Stewart revealed to GQ UK.”So much of my life is so easily Googled. I mean, it’s like, ‘Come on, guys! It’s so obvious!’ I don’t think you realize what a big deal it is for people.”

She goes on to explain why she wants to keep her relationship private. “It’s just one of those things. I’m selfish. I’m like, ‘That’s mine!And I like to keep whatever is mine remaining that way. It’s a funny little game to play, and it’s a slippery slope. I always say to myself I’m never going to give anything away, because there’s never any point or benefit for me.” says Stewart.

Good for her! Although, what’s the harm when everyone knows already anyway? Breaking Dawn Part 1 in theaters in just over a month!

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