Lady Gaga
is Being Sued!

Oh My Gaga! Who would have thought Lady Gaga would scam her Gaga monsters? Right after the tragic earthquake and tsunami hit Tokyo a couple months ago, Gaga designed Japan relief bracelets that say “We Pray for Japan”. The wristbands were sold on her personal website for $5 plus $3.99 for shipping and handling, with an additional $0.60 for tax. As a result, a Michigan based law firm became concerned with the pop singer’s motives behind the bracelets and have officially filed a lawsuit. The firm claims that charity organizations are not allowed to charge tax on products that are sold to help out a cause, automatically putting Gaga at fault. Hence, the House of Gaga and her charity were confronted, however, no one has disclosed how much money Gaga has pocketed of the $5 million sales in the bracelets.

How do you think Gaga will handle the situation?

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