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Lindsay Lohan’s
Glowing Review!

This morning Lindsay Lohan appeared back in court for her probation progress hearing, and the star received rave reviews!

Not only did Lindsay show up to court early, but she was also dressed appropriately in a conservative (but stylish) blue sweater and black wide leg pants, showing real growth.

Judge Stephanie Sautner told LiLo that her probation officer had written a positive probation report for having completed her required community service on time.

Sautner stated, “Keep doing what you’re doing. You appear to be doing very well.”

Next up: Lindsay is due back on court on February 22nd, and must complete 15 additional days of community service at the morgue and 5 more therapy sessions. If all goes well, Lindsay’s probation will come to an end on March 29th.

This is great news for the 25 year old actress who is currently up for the dream role of playing Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime movie about the Hollywood legend.

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