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Lindsay Lohan’s Unexpected
New Year’s Eve!

How did Lindsay Lohan celebrate New Year’s Eve? Not like you’d expect! The troubled star reportedly turned down numerous high paying offers to host a big New Year’s Eve bash in favor of spending the night with friends and family.

We had no idea those friends included Woody Allen and Diane Keaton!

The Mean Girls star attended an event in Los Angeles and apparently was rubbing shoulders with some major A-listers, including Diane Keaton.

And Lindsay must have looked pretty incredible, becuase the Hollywood icon later tweeted her, saying she “looked beautiful” at the party.

Lohan responded: “Your tweet was more than incredible and i cannot thank you nearly enough! Also, you were the most chic woman at the new years eve gathering, not to mention, THE most amazing!!!!! You inspire me.”

Unfortunately, the weekend wasn’t exactly drama free.

LiLo got quite a scare when an unidentified man knocked at the front door of her home in Venice Beach, California, and asked to speak with her. According to TMZ, the police were called, and the alleged trespasser was arrested. But now, the 25 year old actress feels she needs to beef up her security and is reportedly looking at hiring a bodyguard.

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