Your Makeup

I think we are all guilty of hanging on to our favorite pieces of makeup until we physically can’t use them anymore.  We are always adding new items to our makeup collection but tend to be less attentive about replacing the expired ones.

Here is a list of common makeup we have and when each needs to be replaced…

Mascara- 3 months if used daily, 6 months if not

Concealer- 18 months

Liquid foundation- 1 year

Loose powder foundation- never

Powder eyeshadow- 2 years

Lipstick- 2 years

Lipgloss- 1 year

Don’t forget about your brushes…dirty brushes can cause acne, so wash them once a week with cleanser or a mild antibacterial detergent.

Sephora is a great place to go for all of your beauty needs.  Their makeup selection is amazing!!

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