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Meet the New Face
of Proactiv…. Naya Rivera

For celebs who are in front of the camera all day, having clear skin is a MUST. But like the rest of us, sometimes they need a little help to achieve that flawless complexion. Glee star Naya Rivera is letting us all in on her secret for achieving great skin — Proactiv’s acne system.

Earlier this week, the 24 year old actress revealed to People magazine that she has been named the new face of Proactiv.

“I had really bad skin for awhile earlier this year,” Rivera said on the set of her Proactiv shoot,” It was like adult acne, and I was like, I’ve had great skin my entire life. How am I dealing with this now at 24?”

The actress says once her problem surfaced, she became less comfortable filming and felt embarrassed by her breakouts on set.

Rivera credits Proactiv for helping her get her skin care prob under control, and shares how she landed her new gig as the brand’s spokesperson:

“I used Proactiv and it really did work for me. It helped me out, so I got in contact with the company and told them I would love to share my story. So I showed them photos and they said, ‘This is great.’ Wait till people see my pictures. That’s all I have to say. I definitely have the photos to prove [I had a problem].”

Although the singing star said it took “ a couple of months” before she started seeing results, she wants others to know “it does get better.”

Naya joins stars Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Diddy, Avril Lavigne and Julianne Hough as a Proactiv spokesperson.

What do you think! Is she is a good choice?

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