the Whiffenpoofs!

Meet the Whiffenpoofs!

You may recognize this Yale acappella group from NBC’s The Sing-Off. Well, we here at BFF are so excited to have gotten to know this group of amazingly talented singers and to share their support for the BFF bracelet initiative. We’ve invited Brennan from the Whiffenpoofs to do a guest blog feature today. Check it out:

The Whiffenpoofs are among Yale University’s oldest traditions. Founded in 1909 by a group of Glee Club singers, the “Whiffs” have sung together ever since, counting among their ranks such artists as Cole Porter. The Whiffenpoofs are a unique institution: not only are they the oldest collegiate acappella group in the country, but the group is composed of all seniors, so the members change every single year. 

The Whiffenpoofs of 2011, this year’s group, took advantage of the remarkable opportunity to appear on NBC’s hit reality show, The Sing-Off. Filmed over the summer, the show launched us headfirst into our year as Whiffs, acting as what member Brennan Caldwell refers to as “acappella boot camp”: “We filmed the show before we really knew each other. The weeks we spent in LA gave us a chance to learn about each other, musically and socially. It was key.”

Now, almost halfway through our tenure as Whiffenpoofs, we can say without a doubt that we’ve formed lifelong friendships. Whether singing for elementary schools, or at the Lincoln Center for a pediatric AIDS benefit, or simply hanging out on campus, the Whiffs of 2011 are as much a group of brothers as a bunch of a cappella singers.

The Whiffs are proud to support the BFF Bracelet Program and wish our troops overseas comfort and joy this holiday season. We hope you enjoy this clip of “Silent Night”!

Happy holidays from BFF and The Whiffenpoofs!

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