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Megan and Liz
Ban Against Bullying

Newly popular music sensations (and BFF’s!!) Megan and Liz have teamed up with “Band Against Bulling” and Z100 for a bullying awareness concert. This Friday, July 20th at B.B King’s in New York City the girls will be performing a number of their hits as well as debuting their newest single “Bad for Me”. We love Megan and Liz, their music, and the Band Against Bulling campaign, so we cannot wait!

Who do we have to thank for this amazing (and free) concert? Secret Deodorant!  Secret is sponsoring the concert as part of their “Mean Stinks” campaign.

If you are in New York we hope to see you there! If you cannot make it visit www.meganandliz.com or http://www.secret.com/WHATSNEW/post/2011/02/03/Secret-Thinks-Mean-Stinks.aspx to find out other ways to get involved and put an end to bullying.

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