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Mel & Nicole: A story
about BFFs, acting, & Subway.

A lot of people come to NY to pursue their dreams. Mel & Nicole from BFF Episode 13, know that all too well as they both aspire to be actresses. Read as Mel talks about how her & Nicole met, and what it’s like to be a “starving actor” in NYC:

Moving to New York to pursue our dreams didn’t seem so hard, naturally at first it wasn’t. Alike everyone else, Nicole got to our school orientation and the first class all on time, meanwhile I’m still in England due to Visa problems. I missed the first two weeks. That’s when I met Nicole, when I slumped over from the school fire exit door to introduce myself and having her unable to coherently hear what I was saying. Somehow we became friends…

So the first semester strolled by with no damages to our health, or food supply, but then somehow in the second semester we all seemed to noticed how we were having to use that one phrase that we all loathe for too many reasons:

Nah I can’t, I’m broke…

That’s when the lunches, movie nights, buying clothes — stopped. Then the piles and piles of pasta and ramen noodles came out to play, every night. Our one place of love during this whole time, I won’t lie, was Subway (eat fresh!). We would go there during every break at school, mainly because:

A: It was cheap
B: It was tasty
C: It was warm during the winter and cold during the summer.

We’ve graduated and started putting ourselves searching through craigslist.org to finally get a job. Whenever we get to meet up and need to eat, I can assure you that Subway is our place of choice.

Also, the whole “starving actor” name, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, it doesn’t help you decrease in size and look great on camera. Once you stop eating regularly, your body lacks everything that it’s been starved from, therefore, the next thing you eat, your body will then digest twice as much. Basically most of the time starving yourself and then eating increases body size. So we decided if it was from starving yourself to eating ramen or pasta every time… We chose the latter.

So I guess, Nicole and I didn’t really go through the whole “Starving actor” problem, but it sure as hell stopped us from going to things we loved doing. But I guess it’s a good thing that we can say, “hey, at least we’re not starving to death while our parents are none the wiser in another country...”

BTW, a Episode 18 of BFF is up live @ MySpace.com/bff.


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