Music Monday
For today’s Music Monday, we wanted to introduce you all to a band named “Vedera“. There music is so hear-worthy that one of their songs was included in an episode of “The Hills”! 
Check out Kristen’s personal message to all of you, below:

Hey it’s Kristen from Vedera here!  
There is no doubt our band has a tight family dynamic.  Not only are Jason (bass player) and Brian (guitarist) best friends since High School, but Drew (drummer) is Brian’s younger brother.  Brian and I started playing music together about five years ago and instantly clicked on a personal and artistic level.  We started dating and playing music, which eventually led to us tying the knot about three years ago.  I’d say the fact that our band is a family is definitely the reason we’re still together doing what we love today.  
Having people you respect and trust is super important!  And we’re not looking to slow down anytime soon 😉
Some of our influences are:
The Cranberries, U2, The Sundays, Sunny Day Real Estate, Jimmy Eat World
Now go hug your bff! 

Check out this free download link for Vedera’s “Satisfy” as iTunes Single of the Week:
And for more information on the group, be sure to check out their offical website:

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