Music Monday
We are sure you’ve heard the song “Nothing On You” playing all over the air waves, but how many of you can say you actually know who B.o.B is? Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Bobby Ray Simmons is definitely out of the ordinary. At the age of 13, he was introduced to the likes of DMX and Eminem and from then on, knew that rap music was something he would set out to be big at. From then on, B.o.B started filling up notebook after notebook with lyrics. When notebooks weren’t enough, he started filling these lyrics in his head!
In 2006, he teamed up with his cousin and formed a group called The Klinic. Not only did they purchase a simple studio set but also attended various open mic shows. When graduation came, B.o.B‘s cousin decided to depart from the group to head to college. Two weeks later, and acting as a solo artist, B.o.B performed at Club Crucial where the founder of the national DJ conference was in attendance and knew he was in the prescence of an upcoming star.
B.o.B‘s debut album “The Adventures of B.o.B” is available now. Drop a line below and let us hear your thoughts.


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