An electronica project started by Adam Young, Owl City has taken the charts with his latest hit “Fireflies“. Owl City was started by Young, who grew up in Owatonna, Minnesota, where he produced his music in the basement of his parents’ home. Inside this “cave,” as Adam likes to describe it, he has begun to quickly win over a large audience thirsty for something genuine, something sublime. Growing up in a “sheltered bubble” and being one of the more shy kids around the neighborhood, Adam seemed compelled to lend his time and creative ideas to music. “I’ve always been the shy guy, I don’t see that changing, but I definitely feel a lot more comfortable than I anticipated. I can hide behind the music.” says Young to

While his parents were away, Adam decided to take it to the next level and post up what soon became titled his first self-titled cd. For a month he decided not to mention it to anyone but soon word of mouth began to spread with demands coming along from different parts of the country.

As the fans increase, Owl City is focused on writing new songs. For more info on Owl City, visit the official website @ :

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