Get ready because the Mechanical Kids came to party!! Get to know this new group as they introduce themselves to you:

How we came together:

Mechanical Kids was started in 2006 as an acoustic side project by vocalist Seann Bowe, formerly known as A West Way Home. Through out the next 3 years of playing with other bands, he decided to make something more out of A West Way Home. Gathering good friends Dj Alvarez and Brad Brown from former band Rescue, they started to progress the project with the single “For My Own Good“. Over the course of a few months, Tom Carrillo joined the band along with Mike Severson from former band With Hours Waiting. Shortly after the name change and a couple more recordings, Steve Pitzl from Saved By Stereo tagged along.

It’s quite clear that these boys have something definitely going for them. After being claimed by AP Magazine as a Hometown Hero, they are getting ready to tour along with playing as many shows as possible.

Expect to hear more from Mechanical Kids, for this is just the beginning.


Fall Out Boy, Owl City, Black Eyed Peas.


ghost hunting, Ding-Dong-Ditch, dancing, acting like kids

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We hope you and your BFF are prepared to be boppin’ your head to the music of the Mechanical Kids.


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