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Music Monday – Get
to Know Wynter Gordon

Not your everyday girl on the scene, Wynter Gordon is a daunting new talent. Ms. Wynter Gordon’s music is a moving combination of pleasure and pain, failure and triumph. In a word – life. Her debut album is a composition of dance floor hits that’ll make sure to keep you moving to the beat. I grew up in South Jamaica Queens, in a two-room house with my mother and six brothers and sisters,” Wynter describes. Her childhood was difficult, shaped by poverty and an abusive and largely absent father. “My only escape was art,” says the singer via her official MySpace page. Many of the songs on her debut album will reflect these feelings and other struggles that she had to deal with while growing up.”Music is my passion and my life, but it is also a door to do something else. It is an opportunity to raise awareness and actually help people, and that’s where I want to go.”

Be sure to check out Wynter’s MySpace page for all of her latest music. We promise you and your BFF won’t be able to sit still.


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