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Music Mondays –
BFFS Love Tally Hall.

Episode 12 contestant, Jazz, decided to share with us how music has allowed her and her BFF, Jewel, to bond with one another even though they each have chosen separate colleges to attend to:

My BFF Jewel and I are super obsessed with a band called Tally Hall. I discovered Tally Hall while surfing the web in our freshman year of highschool. At the time, the band was not very well known. I decided that I HAD to show Jewel their music. Jewel instantly fell in love with the band, just like I did. So, since our freshman year, we have been able to bond over this somewhat underground band. We have gone to several of their concerts and actually met the band in person! So, although Jewel and I are currently in different colleges and have had to split up, we will always be able to reunite and bond over this band and music that we both love so much!

We love when music brings BFFs together! Here is a song by Tally Hall that Jewel & Jazz wanted to share with you guys. The song is called “Greener”. You can view it here. Enjoy!

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