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Music Mondays
– Jess Furman

Jess Furman specially recorded a song for BFF titled “Count on Me” (which happens to be our theme song!)

Jess was kind enough to sit down with us and reflect on her music and what the song “Count on Me” means to her:

In life, I always find that there are so many wonderful memories I want to hold onto. I want to be able to remember that feeling I felt at that time – or as close to it as I can. Music has always been this incredible gift. I might be on stage in front of an audience of people I don’t know, but they’re singing along with me – and in a sense, there’s an understanding. Love, loss – friendship … we all experience these things.

“Count on Me” is one of those songs that reminds me that no matter where this life takes me, I have good friends and people who I know will always be there for me. I might travel far from the people I love for certain periods of time – but I can put on that song and get back a little of that feeling that I have when I’m surrounded by my friends and we’re just being our goofy selves. Music just has this innate power to take you back to those places…and every day I am thankful for that.”

Click here to watch Jess’ video: “Count on Me
Want more info on Jess Furman? Check out her official website: http://www.jessfurman.com

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