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Music Mondays! – Meatloaf
Brings 2 Best Buds 2gether

We here at BFF ran into Episode 8 contestants, Dan & Jon. As we were talking to them, Dan mentioned how the artist Meat Loaf strengthened him and Jon’s friendship. See below what Dan had to say:

“Jon and I have always bonded over Meat Loaf; particularly a song entitled ‘More Than You Deserve’ which actually mentions best friends. It tells a tale that is reminiscent of a rough patch in our friendship that we have since overcome. Jon and I have been to countless Meat Loaf concerts together; he has been to ZERO Lady Gaga concerts [ yet he still claims that she is his favorite artist ]. If Meat Loaf had a video in this year’s VMAs he would have won in every catagory, sorry T Swift.”

You can catch the song Dan is talking about, below:

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