National Best
Friends Day!

Yesterday, June 8th, was National Best Friends Day. Thank you to everyone who came out to Times Square to show their support. We couldn’t of done it without you.
As many of you may know, BFF celebrates the unique and unconditional support friends have for each other through good times and bad. In honor of Best Friends Day we’ve paired up with the American Freedom Foundation to help connect us to the amazing men and women who represent the United States military today!
National Best Friends Day!We’ve created a pair of special bff bracelets that will create that bond of awareness and appreciation for our “Best Armed Forces Friends”!
Wearing these bracelets symbolizes not only an acknowledgment of support for their efforts on behalf of our country but a connection and friendship that bridges perspectives…and 25% of the proceeds from your purchase ($10 for both bracelets!) will be donated to the AFF.
America Ferrera shows her support for our initiative in this amazing outreach she did for us in the video below. In fact she is in a soon to be released film called “The Dry Land” which opens in July that deals with some of the issues that our military men and their families face each and every day.

To get your BFF Bracelet, please head over to our BFF Bracelet page.

Don’t go too far. A recap of Best Friends day will be up soon!


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