be Powerless

You’ve survived the wrath of Sandy, recovering from the storm is even more difficult than weathering it. While it is most important that you, family, and friends are all safe, it is also important to have things to do without power. A silly thought for those of us so addicted to technology. These activities will come in handy all winter, just incase we loose power again!


-Revisit your childhood and color! This will be even better if you have some coloring books around

– Work up a sweat! Exercise at home with yoga, Pilates, or any “at home” work out. Remember, you don’t need a gym to work up a sweat!

– Read a book! Not on your iPad, a real book.

– Get organized! Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to happen in the spring.

– Play a game! Break out those board games.


These are just a few ideas from BFF, what are your favorite “powerless” activities??