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New Year’s Advice for
Jennifer Lopez & Demi Moore!

Now we’re only a few days into 2012, but we hope all the stars do what they can to make this upcoming year amazing!

Unfortunately, we’re already a little concerned about two leading ladies who shared something in common this past year. Besides great bods, both stars had marriages end in 2011!

So before they go too far down the wrong road, we have a few words of friendly advice to offer!

*Demi Moore: Embrace Single Life!

2011 was a tough year for Demi Moore. She and her Two and Half Men hubby, Ashton Kutcher, called it quits after 6 years of marriage, amidst some pretty nasty rumors of infidelity (which allegedly took place on their anniversary to boot!).

Now that Moore has just signed on to play the feminist icon, Gloria Steinem, in a new movie, we think one major change is in order…changing her Twitter name.

We totally get that Demi Moore didn’t think changing her Twitter handle from @MrsKutcher was a top priority in 2011 – but now maybe it should be.

Although the action may sound like no biggie, we think it’s the first step towards enjoying her new single life. Who knows? This simple little action could turn out to be as empowering as her new film role!

*Jennifer Lopez: Chill Out!

After 7 years of marriage, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony went their separate ways. Just a few months later, Lopez jumped into a new relationship with her 24 year old back up dancer, Casper Smart.

The two spent the holidays together, and on top of that, her new love interest has been spending an awful lot of time with her 3 year old twins – Max and Emme.

We all know Lopez has a history of rushing into a romance following a breakup (hello Cris Judd) but this time round, the mega star has young kids to consider.

We hope Jennifer Lopez can learn to chill out with her boy toy and focus on work and family. We have a feeling Casper’s not going anywhere — did you see the Bentley he’s been driving — so what’s the hurry?

What do you think? Can these leading ladies make these changes in 2012?

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