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Not AGAIN! Miley
Cyrus X-Rated B’day!

Seriously Miley! Do you think it’s possible to attend a birthday party and not get yourself into trouble! It sure doesn’t look that way!

The 19 year old pop celebrated her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth’s 22nd birthday over the weekend, and in typical Miley fashion, she got herself into a little bit of a sitch.

Photos have emerged showing the Disney princess engaging in some pretty naughty behavior.

Starting with the phallic-shaped birthday cake (we’re not sure why either) which Miley provocatively posed alongside of. Multiple times.

Then, there was the drinking. Are we the only ones who remember that Miss Cyrus isn’t of legal age yet?

We’re not sure what her deal is with birthday cakes, but it always leads to some sort of mini drama.

Next time, maybe she should stick to cupcakes.

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