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Oh No She Didn’t…Did
Megan Fox Photoshop her Face?

25 year old actress Megan Fox was tired of all the claims that she had Botox. So what did the Transformers star do? She posted several pics on Facebook showing off different facial expressions, like wrinkling her forehead, to squash the nasty Botox rumors.

Now, some experts are saying that Fox’s photos have been photoshopped.

Here’s what NY plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Vendemia had to say:

“Those lines on her forehead are totally fake. … Muscles in the forehead and brow simply don’t create curved wrinkles like that. The wrinkles Megan is showing us don’t coincide with brow anatomy, nor do they match the facial expression she is making.”

So that’s got us wondering, did Fox fake her own Facebook pics and if so, what’s the point? Finally, if they aren’t real, who is the not-so-talented Photoshop artist?

Photo: Megan Fox, Facebook

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