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On our
Radar: Instant Criticism.

On our Radar: Instant Criticism.

SCENARIO: You’ve finally scored a date with the guy you’ve been dreaming about for weeks. He will be at your doorstep in approximately one hour to pick you up. Suddenly, you find yourself in crisis mode….what am I going to wear?!

Every girl knows that it’s much easier to put together an outfit when you’ve got a second pair of eyes to give you honest criticism.  But what if your mom/sister/BFF isn’t available to examine your outfit and give you a thumbs up? The clock is ticking- you’ve got 56 minutes until your date arrives, and no one to tell you if your leggings and tunic combo is flattering! Well girls, do not fret- thanks to Go Try it On, you can receive instant (and honest!) opinions from fashionistas just like you! Simply upload a photo of you wearing the outfit of choice, and then your friends can comment on the look. Crisis averted!

Most importantly, do not forget your most important accessory before heading out the door: confidence!


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