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It’s an unwritten rule that everyone needs a summer soundtrack! You know what I’m talking about- it’s that playlist from summer ’03 that shows the truth behind your late-great Avril obsession and all too-heavy, black eyeliner. The one that occasionally pops up when your Ipod’s on shuffle and transports you back to that beautiful beach or sailing trip you made with your friends. And sure, maybe your tastes have changed but you just can’t force yourself to press the next arrow because you know that once the melody takes stage you’ll have the sun in your eyes and the sand at your feet again, almost like you never left in the first place…

We’ve all got them, we’ve all looked back and said “Oh wow, what was I thinking?!”, and we’ve certainly all taken the time to re-listen and re-enjoy the fond and sometimes crazy moments we had to them! Maybe it was the random Top 40 hits that everyone probably still knows the words to or the track list for you and your BFF’s favorite movie that summer, but whatever it is, it’s important.

It’s not too late, you know. The summer is nearing its peak and we here at BFF think it’s high-time you had a soundtrack to go with it! We won’t choose your songs for you but there are a few artists we think you should watch out for:

On Our Radar: New MusicOn Our Radar: New Music

La Roux – You just can’t deny their catchy, electropop spunk! We loved them with “In for the Kill” and “Bulletproof” still has us singing along.

Fashawn – Underground hiphop artist from California, this guy knows what he’s doing. Check out his latest album “Boy Meets World” for insightful, bluesy hiphop, perfect for those long summer drives.

Prince – Or the artist formerly known as, always keeps our feet moving! He may not be the newest voice on the block but he’s an inspiration to all that’s out there. Young or old, you’ve heard his music and you’ve probably memorized a few bars.

Phoenix – Known for their alternative rock stylings, they were mentioned as 3rd on the top albums of 2009 according to Rolling Stone magazine. It’s a must for a lazy day by the beach or a picnic in the park.

Lady Gaga – Did you think we’d forget her? Of course not! Her albums are a dance party waiting to happen!

The list could go on for days – But whatever you choose, make sure you share them with those you love! Summer soundtracks may only feature a few months’ worth of fun but the memories you’ll make with them last a lifetime.

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