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Princess Diana's
50th Birthday

As Will & Kate take on their first full day in Canada, they will be remembering one of the most significant people not only in Will’s personal life, but also to the world. Princess Diana would have turned 50 today had she not been involved in the fatal car crash at the age of 36. According to People Magazine, remembrances in the form of cakes, candles, cards and other tributes are being left outside the gates of Kensington Palace which was the last home to Princess Diana.

Diana’s biographer, Andrew Morton, imagined she would be watching her son and daughter-in-law tour Canada on television while “looking carefully to see if Catherine, whom she would have taken under her wing, was following her advice on how to deal with the big public events. Not that Catherine, who has taken to the spotlight as if to the manner born, has needed much quiet coaching.”

Princess Diana will be forever missed!

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