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Your Pumps!

If the past week is any indication, we may be in for a very rainy Spring.

Fortunately with all the fun colors and patterns of rain boots available, anyone can still look totally stylish as they puddle-jump their way to work.

But what happens if you’re headed to a party and your Wellies, while perfect for the weather, aren’t quite dress-code appropriate? (After all, these clunky boots are way too big to carry in your cute clutch!)

Well we’ve found your rainy day solution. Meet Shuella, rubber “umbrellas” that are worn over your heels and fold up to fit right into your bag.

We love them because they come in fun bright colors (and basic black), have a slip free sole and fit over any heel. Bonus! These rain-covers also come with a cloth to wipe off excess water and a custom pouch that you can use after you fold them away to stash in your bag.

Don’t let another rainy day compromise your party girl style!

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