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Real Housewives of
Orange County Premieres! Recap!

Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County season 7 premiered on Tuesday night, and as much as we hoped it would be packed full of crazy drama – it was a bit of a snooze fest.

In cased you missed it, we’re breaking down the highlights:

*Vicki Gunvalson is finally getting her love tanked filled now that she is dating a fellow named Brooks who lives in Mississippi. What is surprising is that Vicki’s soon to be ex-husband Donn is still living in their house. What is even more shocking is hearing Vicki say that even though the two live in the SAME HOUSE, they haven’t seen each other in TWO MONTHS. How does that work?!

*Gretchen Rossi and Tamra Barney play nice. Season after season these two ladies have gone after each other like rapid animals, but this season these battling blondes want to forget the past and be BFFs. Just. Like. That. So the girls meet up for lunch where they swill some mojitos and Tamra gives Gretchen a custom made friendship bracelet. They resolve to bury the hatchet and also decide NOT to tell any of the other housewives that they are dating hanging out – like Monica and Chandler did on Friends. Somehow we don’t predict the same fairytale ending.

*The introduction of new cast member Heather Dubrow was one of the worst intros we’ve seen in housewives history. Heather, who is married to a plastic surgeon, is interested in moving to a bigger house, because her current mansion isn’t adequate for her husband and four children. So she goes to meet a broker and look at a massive plot of land – and the broker is (we kid you not) Tamra! Tamra gushes all over Heather like she is the captain of the cheerleading team. In a desperate bid to be friends, Tamra invites Heather to a party at Vicki’s with the other OC wives, adding Alexis is gonna be so jealous of the rich newcomer.

*Peggy Tanous may be exiting the show, but not before she throws a few more digs at her frenemy, Alexis Bellino. Since their friendship appears to be dunzo, she is free to talk about Alexis’s hubby (and Peggy’s ex), Jim and his equipment, with Tamra as much as she wants.

*Alexis Bellino provided one of the most hilarious moments of the night. Watching her prepare three school lunches for her kids, you’d think she was preparing a four course meal at Jean Georges. Calm down – you’re just putting some snack packs in a brown paper bag. But she’s a busy lady now, with her clothing line, Alexis Couture, and new hosting career at Fox 5 in San Diego. So busy now – she needs a personal assistant to help remember to wake Jim up in the morning. Fortunately, the viewers had a chance to see Alexis hosting skills in action with a segment for National Booty Awareness Month – and let’s just say – Katie Kergic Couric has nothing to worry about.

*The dinner party! Vicki has the girls over to the house for a reunion, which is also bittersweet since her house is now up for sale. It’s the first time some of the ladies have seen each other in months, and it looks like a few of them are more than ready to throw down. Our tip: hide the red wine!

So Bff-ies that’s what you missed. Were we disappointed by the premiere? Yes.

Will we be watching next week? Absolutely!

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

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