Rebecca Black
is Back!

14 year old YouTube sensation Rebecca Black is back with a brand new single called “Person of Interest”

The song features the same type of memorable lyrics that got everyone talking when her debut single “Friday” came out.

This time around, Rebecca is seen with the requisite cute boy crush, hanging out with friends, playing mini-golf, go-karting and even hitting the stage at a concert.

Here’s a sample of the lyrics (no joke):

There’s a crime scene on the dance floor
Ring the alarm
Police tape on the front door
And you are
A person of interest

When we’re dancing real close, think I like ya
But when the lights go down low, I can’t find ya
Now, I can’t get you outta my mind, yeah
It’s a crime, yeah, it’s a crime

We gotta give it up for Black – despite the haters, she’s got a dream and is not gonna quit!

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