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Recap of
Best Friends Day!

Everyone here at BFF would love to give a special thanks to … YOU! Thank you all for supporting us through thick and thin, but hey, that’s what BFFs are for, right? 😉

Recap of Best Friends Day!

We were able to kick off Best Friends Day in the heart of Times Square. “In the Heights” actors, Corbin Bleu and Lin-Manuel Miranda and “In the Heights” director, Kenny Ortega were all in attendance as they took photos, chatted it up with fans, and rocked their new BFF bracelets.

Recap of Best Friends Day!

Not sure what these bracelets are? Then head over here. It’s what everyone is talking about. We’ve created a pair of special bff bracelets that will create that bond of awareness and appreciation for our “Best Armed Forces Friends”! 25% of the proceeds from your purchase ($10 for both bracelets!) will be donated to the American Freedom Foundation (AFF).

To see more photos from Best Friends Day in Times Square, head over to our Facebook Fan Page.

Did you spend some time with your BFF? Let us know what you did and drop a comment below!


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