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#RHONJ: Jacqueline
Laurita’s $8M Headache

Perhaps Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita didn’t skip the season 3 reunion because of bad feelings between her & co-star Teresa Giudice, like she claimed. Afterall, Jacqueline has always admitted that she likes to speak her mind, and the reunion would have been the perfect opp to let loose.

Jacqueline claims while filming season 4 of RHONJ, Teresa did something unforgivable to make her sister-in law Melissa look bad, which isn’t exactly a new tactic. Nevertheless it devastated Jac, forcing her to skip the reunion and take to Twitter to unleash a fury of anger-filled tweets at Guidice.

Melissa, on the other hand, turned up at the reunion looking better than ever.

We always suspected there was more to Jacqueline’s absence than something Teresa did, and today reports are surfacing about a lawsuit that has been filed against Jacqueline and her husband Christopher.

Could this be what Jacqueline was hoping to avoid discussing? (Afterall, look at the lashing Teresa endured by Andy Cohen)

According to RadarOnline.com, Jac and Chris were named in a nearly $8 million lawsuit against their now defunct clothing company, Signature Apparel. Court documents reveal that the company, which Chris and his brother Joseph Laurita started in 2005, went belly up because the Laurita family illegally misused funds and assets to support their own luxurious lifestyle. A lifestyle which included private planes, lavish parties, designer duds and ultra exensive vacations. Now, the family is being sued for $7,804,227.

According to the documents the clothing company was once extremely successful, but then hit hard times, and in 2009 the company filed for bankruptcy.

The claim alleges that Jacqueline knew about the improper business dealings, which is the reason she was named in the lawsuit at all. Although Chris is denying all the claims made against him, the case is pending.

The lawsuit comes on the heels of other some other nasty rumors about Jac’s past before she married hubby Chris. Naturally, Jac is defending herself against these claims on Twitter, but we’ll just have to ‘watch what happens’.

What do you think? Did Jac skip the reunion because of Teresa?

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