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Royal Couple: Day
One In Canada

After being greeted with excitement in Ottawa, Kate and William attended a BBQ last night at Rideau Hall’s Tent Room to celebrate the Canadian youth and brightness for the nation’s future. According to reports, they mingled, ate, drank, and had a great time meeting the attendees! Included in those attendees were five “chosen ones” who were given the opportunity to meet the Royal couple in celebration of the dedication they have devoted to their community.

However, lets talk style! Kate changed into her third dress of the evening which was a casual piece by one of her favorite designers, Issa. The wrap dress was black with white birds and paired with a pair of ultra-chic black wedges. Meanwhile, Will kept it low-key with khaki pants and an open-necked blue shirt.

What do the public NOT love about Kate and Will? We don’t think anything! Everyone at the party disclosed to reporters how pleasant the couple was and describing that the effort they put into charities and helping the youth is truly amazing!

What’s in store for today? William and Kate are currently presenting 25 new Canadians with Canadian flags during a citizenship ceremony. Stay tuned for updates!


At The Citizenship Ceremony

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