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Sarah Hyland Does Her
Best Lea Michele Pose

Did you happen to catch Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland on E!’s Fashion Police on Friday? Hyland did her best impression of Glee star Lea Michele’s signature red carpet pose – and to be honest — it was spot on.

Unfortunately, it turns out not everyone took Hyland’s comments in good humor. Upset Gleek fans immediately took to Twitter to express their outrage at the young starlet, sending her angry tweets.

At Sunday’s Emmys, Hyland responded to the controversay, telling E! News
“They are very protective of her, and I didn’t mean it in any harm at all. When Joan Rivers asks, ‘What does she look like on the red carpet?’ you do it! She’s hilarious, and it was just in jest and that was it. I hate that it’s gotten to such a level. She knows how to work it, and I can’t do what she does!”

Watch Sarah Hyland channel her best Lea Michele below! We still think its pretty funny!

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