the Ta-Tas

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is a serious and prevalent disease in the United States affecting 1 in every 8 women. There are a ton of charities and organizations that work to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness with things like marathons, walks, and sales. One of BFF’s personal favorites is the “I <3 Boobies” bracelets from the Keep Abreast Foundation. (see them here) These cheecky bracelets are fun and punny. They come in cute colors too! Joining a breast cancer walk is another great way to raise money and awareness and to remember a family member or friend who was affected by the disease. Other ways to raise money for breast cancer foundations include:


  1. Hosting a Bake Sale
  2. Planning a Party/Benefit/Gala (Like Runway for Recovery does each year)
  3. Having a Car wash (better in warm weather)
  4. Having a garage Sale
  5. Having a craft fair


Really anyway you can get a group of your BFFS together, raise some money, and then donate it to a worthy foundation. Don’t forget…the magic color is PINK!