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Have you ever seen a shooting star? If not, you are seriously missing out.  They are magical.  We want to make sure you see at least one this summer so we have tips to follow while stargazing that will ensure you do!  Shooting stars can only be seen at night because as the earth moves around the sun it runs into some of the small rocks in space that collide with the atmosphere at rapid speeds.  While going through the atmosphere they begin to heat up and start to glow before they burn down which is what we see when we see a shooting star.

The most important thing to remember is patience.  Shooting stars occur ever 10-15 minutes so just keep waiting.  Lying down helps a lot too so that you can look straight up at the sky.  Lastly, you have to zone out all other distractions or else you could miss it.

Good luck and don’t forget to make a wish!

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