We know you hear it over and over, but sun safety really is important.  Choosing the right sunscreen can be confusing though, from SPF number to spray bottle vs. lotion, the different options seem endless.  We want to help you narrow down the search with some things to look out for next time you’re  buying sunscreen.

SPF.  Anything in the 15-50 SPF range is good.  Anything below 15 doesn’t really work and anything above 50 doesn’t do anything more than 50 does.

Make sure it has UVA protection.  Sunscreens are great at blocking sunburn causing UVB rays but it is the UVA rays that are far more damaging.

Stay away from sprays with titanium dioxide. Stay away from oxybenzone which has been known to cause allergic reactions for some of us.

Slather On!

Happy Sunning!

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