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Hey BFF Fans!

Loved the cool prizes we had on BFF? Well now is the time for YOU to win some. We here at BFF are truly appreciative of our fans from all over, so we decided to present you with something fun to do, all while possibly winning an uber awesome prize.

Today’s prize is the ULTIMATE Smashbox Swag Bag – which contains the prestigious make up line developed by the artists of Smashbox studios! A FAB prize for any fashionista out there!

RULES: With each contest, we will post up a number of questions pertaining to BFF Season 2. Answer these questions correctly and 2 lucky winners with the most points will be chosen at random to get their prize! All answers are to be sent to: info@bff.tv BY 6 PM EASTERN TIME! So hurry up and send in your answers! These Smashbox Swag Bags won’t be waiting here long!

Need a little help? Go to the icon at the top, titled “The Show” to have access to all of the episodes of BFF Season 2.



  • In Episode 7, what is the FIRST prize the contestants have a shot at winning if they get 3 answers correct?
  • What is in the background of Dan and Jon from Episode 8, as they REVEAL their answers for the “Who Knew” challenge?
  • On Episode 10, with Sean & Ariana, what is a choice Ariana DID NOT pick as the answer from the BFF App “What always makes Sean laugh”?
  • On Episode 4, what did host Jake Hurwitz offer Grace and Michelle as a prize, in addition to the Ingenious Makeup from Laura Gellar and the $100 gift certificate from Yumi Kim?

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