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Summer Leaving
you Sluggish?

So it’s summer.  Hanging by the pool, bike riding with your BFF, relaxing in the backyard hammock…you know the drill.  It’s hot, humid and sometimes even exhausting. Did you know that you can put the pep back in your step by making small changes in your eating habits? (And no, it does not include adding a third cup of coffee to your mornings.) We’ve got some easy tips for you and your BFF that will leave you both feeling energized and ready to take on the summer!
  • There is no denying the satisfaction that deep-dish pepperoni pizza provides. But what about the unexpected bloating and sluggish energy levels that you experience shortly after? You know what we’re talking about- it’s that moment when you and your BFF clutch your stomachs and collapse on the couch in utter defeat.  Try substituting the deep-dish with thin crust pizza that is loaded with vegetables. You’ll be left feeling full and satisfied, plus you’ll have the energy to play a round of backyard volleyball with your BFF!
  • Avoid an energy slump by swapping “white products”, such as white bread and rice, with whole-grain substitutes.  Whole grain foods tend to have more flavor and are packed with necessary nutrients. Plus, whole grains are digested much slower than white products, which spike your blood sugar and cause that dreaded energy crash. 
  • Replace red meat with lean white meats.  Chow down on yummy chicken tacos, turkey cheese burgers, and turkey bacon.  You’ll cut tons of fat out of your diet and avoid that horrible bloated feeling!
  • Most importantly, be conscious of what you are consuming. Yes, a handful of almonds contains about the same number of calories as a candy bar- but they act very differently in your body! Almonds provide you with healthy fats and an energy boost, while the candy will result in a sugar crash that leaves you wanting to curl up in your bed mid-afternoon. 
Just remember- small changes make a big difference!  Be sure to introduce your BFF to these changes as well.  Now get out there and use your new-found energy to enjoy relaxing in the sun!

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