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Summer Reading
is FUN?

Summer reading has a bad reputation. No one is ever really excited to read “Wuthering Heights” or “Pride and Prejudice” just to be tested on it day one of English class. The excuses you tell your parents are endless, my personal favorite is “if I start to early ill forget it before the test!” Well now it’s the end of August and you’re hurrying to finish up your book and still enjoy the last of those lazy summer days. Do not fear, we have a few ways to make finishing summer reading easy AND fun.

  1. Bring your book outside. The park, the beach, or the pool. Catch some rays while you catch up on your reading
  2. For every number of pages you read, reward yourself. For example if I read 100 pages, I can go out and get ice cream.
  3. Read with your friends! You’re all reading the same books, might as well do it together.
  4. Read before bed, this is an easy one (it might even make falling asleep a little easier.)
  5. Read a certain amount of pages every morning, this way you get it out of the way and can spend the rest of the day as you please!

Just make sure you finish before that test! Hopefully these will help!

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