Our Troops!

Remember the days of elementary school when you anxiously awaited to receive a letter from your cool pen pal? There was nothing better than opening up your mail box to find an envelope addressed to YOU. Well we have a secret to share…we may not be in elementary school anymore, but pen pals are still just as exciting! (And it gives you an excuse to use the adorable stationary that has been sitting in your desk drawer for years…snail mail is so underrated.)
Support Our Troops!We are so thrilled about the popularity of our new BFF bracelet initiative! For only $10, you can purchase a super stylish BFF bracelet that will connect you with military personnel overseas (imagine how cool it will be to tell your friends your have a pen pal in the military!). 25% of your purchase will actually be donated to the American Freedom Foundation to support our veterans – talk about trendy AND charitable! We’ve received a ton of great feedback from our media friends – celebrity blogger Perez Hilton featured it on his fashion blog, Coco Perez. AOL’s super-chic Luxist blog also took the time to give us a shoutout. Great responses all around! A big thanks to everyone who has joined the cause!
Support Our Troops!
We’re also happy to have the support of many of your favorite celebs! Jason Derulo, Camilla Bell, Corbin Bleu and Anna Maria Perez de Tagle have been spotted rockin’ the bracelets. American Ferrera and Wilmer Valderrama are also BFF bracelet supporters, which is AWESOME because it pairs well with their film, “The Dry Land”.

Do you have your Best Armed Forces Friend yet?


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