Today is International Surfing Day.  While we love surfing, it’s one of those sports that looks a whole lot easier than it really is.  Surfing requires instruction, and waves, and knowing how to time the waves! (and can leave you feeling potentially frustrated by the end.)

Paddle Boarding however, is one of those sports that is just as easy, if not easier than it looks.  Paddle Boarding requires no instruction, and no waves, just a body of water and a little bit of balance. To Paddle Board, you stand on the board, as it floats in the water, and paddle yourself around with a paddle! (see it really is as easy as it sounds)  It is a great full body work out too; you use your legs and core to balance and your arms to paddle. Not to mention the best part of Paddle Boarding…you can do it with your BFF!!

Send us your Surfing and Paddle Boarding stories and have a great International Surfing Day!

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