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Black Friday

Surviving Black Friday
Thanksgiving is only a day away, but we all know that it’s not just your aunt’s awesome stuffing that you’re looking forward to. Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, is the BIGGEST shopping day of the year. Deals, doorbusters, and slashed prices draw crowds in the thousands during early morning hours. But how can we score those top deals without getting mobbed by the crowd or fighting over the last $3 toaster (à la Rebecca Bloomwood of Confessions of a Shopaholic)? BFF has your Black Friday guide to surviving on top!

1. Do your research beforehand
Sift through ads and visit deal-oriented websites, like GottaDeal. Know what the deals are and which retailers carry the ones you want to score. Picking out which deals you want ahead of time keeps you from making a bad split-second impulse buy.

2. Be a savvy shopper
Check Consumer Reports and reviews online before you commit to buying anything. No matter how discounted it is, a bad product is still a bad product.

3. Pick a good shopping buddy
Waiting in long lines and running into angry bargain-hunters can be a pain. But if you have a good teammate who can get in the spirit of Black Friday, shopping on such a stressful day will be less frustrating.

4. Bring props
Make a list of all your deals and stores to hit so that you don’t get confused in all the commotion. Bring the ads you found so that if there is any dispute, you have your source with you! Finally, pack portable snacks and drinks so that you’re not feeling faint during the shopping extravaganza!

4. Logistics, logistics, logistics
Now that you have your deals, stores, and Black Friday partner(s)-in-crime ready, it’s all about execution. Overboard? I think not. Deciding on a time will help keep you moving. Planning out your route helps you navigate efficiently and saves time so that you can get in and out without pushing through crowds for too long.

5. Dress comfortably
I cannot stress this one enough. Make sure you bring a warm jacket – waiting outside in long seemingly never-ending lines can be harsh so be sure to stay warm. Keep in mind that shopping on Black Friday is a physical effort. That means no heels! Wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in.

6. Make friends with the people in line
This could prove handy if you have to run bathroom, and there are new friends who can save your spot in line.

7. Keep in mind that you can also shop online
Many retailers are having the same, if not better, deals online so don’t feel like you have to brave the early morning crowds.

Happy shopping Biffles! 😉

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