Teen Vogue
Haute Spot

As you know, it’s Fashion Week and BFF.tv is here at Teen Vogue’s Haute Spot! The Haute Spot looks absolutely amazing and it’s already filled with lots of fashionistas. For those who can’t make it, we’ll do our best to describe the incredible atmosphere. Not only is there music pumping into the haute spot, there’s the cutest trends of the season displayed on the walls with a TON of accessories! It looks like tweed designs, bold colors, bangles, and layering a cute top or dress over a fashionable blouse are what we’ll be seeing this Fall.

The clothes aren’t the only thing catching our eye. The Fowler sister’s are here signing autographs and taking pictures with fans- these girls are amazing! Then there’s the BFF section. The BFF game show hosted by Patrick Cassels is going on right now and contestants are playing to win a $100 Teen Vogue gift card!

Check out the pictures of what’s going on below!

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