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The Dreaded Midterms Season:
We've Got Your Answer!

Midterms are coming up so we thought we’d share some of our favorite tips on how to survive tests and essays:

Get Organized!
The Dreaded Midterms Season: We've Got Your Answer!Have all your textbooks, notes, and anything else you need within reach. You can’t study for that U.S. history exam next week if you don’t know where your textbook is!

Why This Works: Keeping neat and organized helps you save time and keeps you focused on your tasks.

Setting Goals

List each subject you have to study for and each essay you have to write. Prioritize these tasks from most to least urgent. Then for each task, write out steps – a maximum of 3 steps for each.
Why This Works:  Being able to see each step along the process helps to reduce stress.

Dividing Up Your Time
Assess the amount of time you have, and divide it up into study blocks of about 30 to 50 minutes. Take a break in between to re-energize. Feel free to move to a different room if you get restless – ideally a quiet, neat space.

Why This Works: Setting aside time to study helps you stay on task and retain information better than cramming. It also helps your mind refresh itself when you switch up your study space.

Review, Review, Review!
Be sure to go over any material you learn whenever you get a chance. Even when you’re simply on the bus to school or waiting for a friend, bust out your notes and glance through them again. You’d be surprise how even just a few minutes can jog your memory!

Why This Works: We tend to remember better in the long run if we go over the information a few times rather than have one cram session.

And of course, it doesn’t hurt to go over the material with a buddy!
Good luck studying, Biffles 😉

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