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The Good & Bad
of the Jersey Shore

Bad News: The “Situation” has a major situation.

The Jersey Shore reality star is being sued for $1 million from his former management company, Gotham NYC Entertainment. According to reports, the company was fired in May by Mike Sorrentino for “lack of performance”. However, Sorrentino is contracted to give his management company 30-days notice before firing them in order to give them time to fix the problem.

The Sitch’s lawyer fired back with reports that the suit is “filled with lies and falsities.”

Yikes! Apparently, Mike has been partying it up in Seaside still so at least the camera’s are still rolling to catch all the drama!

Good News: Vinny’s back!

After leaving their Jersey Shore home to head back to Staten Island, Vinny has returned. Whatever fight caused a member of the MVP to head back to his hometown was put to rest with a few shots and fist pumps. TMZ reports that he was back in action with a bag of laundry, of course.

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