It Up

Every girl has an extensive collection of hair clips. For some reasons it is all too difficult to find the perfect one for your hair. Well to every girl (and every boy who has watched a girl fiddle with her hair) I say, NO MORE. We recently discovered an inventive hair tie solution. They are called Trash Ties, and they are inspired by the “twisty-tie.” They don’t stretch out like bobby pins and are more discreet than bulky barrettes. They come in 2 lengths, 4” and 25”, for you to combine into some awesome hairstyles. We love them. Created by Heather Bailey these trash ties are available here: http://www.heatherbaileystore.com/category-s/3.htm.  Her website http://www.trashties.com/index.html has how to videos for more ideas! They really are “the coolest new hair thingie!”