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Today is
America Recycles Day!

When you say recycle, many of us tend to imagine those bright blue bins where we separate aluminum cans from plastic bottles. But for America Recycles Day, I found out that recycling is not only putting containers in their appropriate bins. It’s also about donating things that you don’t use anymore to people who need it, getting your local community behind a cause together, and knowing that your actions do matter. Overconsumption of natural resources and heavy production of non-recyclable waste are taking their toll on the environment. That’s why America Recycles Day is so important.

So spread the word about this national initiative to educate and motivate people about recycling! Here are some cool things recycling-related things that I found:

Today is America Recycles Day!
TerraCycle makes cool things out of waste. This Starburst cooler was made from
candy wrappers! (Also, join one of TerraCycle’s brigades and get paid for trash)

Today is America Recycles Day!
The U.S. is one of the world’s top consumers of natural resources (measured as an ecological footprint) and accounts for 24% of the world’s consumption of resources while only making op 5% of the population!

Today is America Recycles Day!
Soles 4 Souls, a partner of America Recycles Day, has donated almost 12 million pairs
of shoes to those in need around the world!

Today is America Recycles Day!
Recycling paper instead of making it from new material generates 74 percent less air pollution and uses 50 percent less water.


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