Top 10 Scariest Movies
for You and Your BFF!

Top 10 Scariest Movies for You and Your BFF!Watching scary movies has always been one of my favorite things to do. It’s one of those strange paradoxes where you’re definitely creeped out during the movie, but you can’t stop watching! After several encounters with Michael Myers and some not-so-friendly ghosts, à la The Sixth Sense, my solution was to only watch scary movies with my best friends. Somehow fighting over popcorn and making them watch the scary scenes while I hid behind a pillow made scary movies all the more fun and less like something was going to jump out at me! With Halloween right around the corner, this is one tradition that never gets old! Here are ten of my favorite horror movies, from classic thrillers to box office slasher hits. Biffles, be sure to have lots of popcorn – and of course, your best friends – on hand for this marathon! 😉

You don’t want to mess with this girl. Here’s a classic tale about the opposite of friendship by horror master, Stephen King

The Shining
This is no family picnic! Another one of King’s horror classics, The Shining starts off a little slow, but gets you when you least expect it!

The Silence of the Lambs
Hannibal Lecter gives the ultimate creeps in this 2001 film. He also ruined fava beans for half the people who saw this movie!

Scream (1, 2, AND 3)
Before Jigsaw, the rules of the game were defined by the teen protagonists of Scream: “Never, ever, ever, under any circumstances, say ‘I’ll be right back’, ’cause you won’t be back.” Igniting a trend of teen slasher flicks, get ready for Scream 4 (currently in production) by re-watching its predecessors. 

What Lies Beneath
Ultimate creep-fest, and it incorporates the use of a Oujia board!

The Sixth Sense
Smart and freaky, this is THE quintessential ghost haunting movie, which led to a whole slew of the creepy-kids-in-horror-movies trend.

If you thought The Grudge was scary, the original Japanese version takes it to another level. You won’t want to leave your room afterwards!

The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Anything that claims to be based on a true story always makes it that much scarier!

28 Weeks Later
That’s the thing with zombies: it’s never over! Check out this sequel to 28 Days Later.

Paranormal Activity
A must-see if you haven’t already seen it. The amateur home video method (much like The Blair Witch Project) adds that creepy real-life element! (Tip: Stream it instantly on Netflix!).

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